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Appendix A  Minutes of last meeting

Appendix B  Clerks Report

Appendix C1 and C2  Monthly Receipts and Payments

Appendix D1 and D2  Monthly Cash Control reports

Appendix E  Payroll - to be tabled

Appendix F - Window 10

Appendix G - Budget 1st Quarter

Appendix H - Community Weath Fund Alliance

Appendix I  - Sambrook Centre

Appendix J - Shropshire Youth Association

Appendix K - Councillor/Clerk Relations protocol

Appendix L  - Training for Councillors

Appendix M  - Keep in Touch Project - to follow

Appendix N  - Town and Parish Council Survey

Appendix O  - Minutes of Cttees - C&E

Appendix P  - Mintes of Cttees - P&R


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