Payments over £500

As part of our commitment to providing financial transparency we will list individual payments to suppliers with a value of over £500 (including credit notes). Please note these are the payments made in the month and do not necessarily relate to invoice dates or invoices received in the period.

The published data only includes non-personal data and the report therefore excludes:

Payments made to staff
Payments which could reveal personal details
Transactions relating to income or the financing or underwriting of debt
Financing and investment expenditure
Payments made to Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC) pay as you earn (PAYE) and National Insurance Contributions (NIC) or pensions.

Quarter 1: April - June
Quarter 2: July - September

Quarter 1:  April - June 
Quarter 2:  July - September
Quarter 3:  October - December
Quarter 4:  January - March

Quarter 1: April - June
Quarter 2: July - September
Quarter 3: October - December
Quarter 4:  January - March


For earlier Financial Years please contact the Parish Council Office 


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